I broke my computer

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  1. seethe303

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    haha, yup. it is very possible I did.

    fortunately, the computer in question is a seven year old Dell that was on its last legs anyway. I was using it to mess around knowing that something like this may happen.

    so maybe one of you will have some input on how to fix tings before I go about getting a cheapy desktop to replace it.

    I created a dual partition on my hardrive and was running xp and Ubuntu.

    this slowed my pc down enough that it annoyed me and I decided to remove Ubuntu. so I *thought* I correctly removed and deleted the partition. well, that wasn't the case.

    when I rebooted the computer tried to boot into Ubuntu. of course, only most of it was deleted so I received an error.

    so far I haven't been able to get past the error. I can't get to the BIOS, I can't get into safe mode. the floppy and cd drive aren't being read (I don't think)...either that or they aren't being read because I can't tell the computer to change the boot order.

    I am not stressing about the computer because as I said it is an old old dell. mostly I am pissed because I let this happen :p ah well, live and learn.

    thanks for taking the time to read my plight.
  2. i would find somebody u know to wipe it and start fresh

  3. If you have a bootable windows disk or somthing, it should read on startup......Try putting a bootable disk in and do that. Your boot sequence should pick up the disk. Seems that you have tried all angles so far though?
  4. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    yea, I have a bootable windows disk. when I boot it either doesn't get far enough to read the disk, or the ubuntu partition it is trying to boot to can't read the cd drive.
  5. Gone Fission

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    What model dell is it? To get to bios you usually hit F2 during boot. From bios you should be able to change the boot sequence to boot from the CD first. That should bypass your Ubuntu partition.
  6. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    I can't recall what model dell it is off the top of my head. I know how to get in the BIOS though, it is F2. I've reformatted it a number of times, so I (mostly, ha!) know what I am doing. It WILL NOT go into the BIOS. It is really quite strange.

    I am thinking about using this as an excuse to get a new web surfring machine. The pc in question has been iffy for a number of years. 512 ram and a 20 gig harddrive was barely getting me by.
  7. If you have another comp. take your messed up HD out and install it as a secondary HD on the good one. Reformat then reinstall and boot up your windows disk.
  8. seethe303

    seethe303 Senior Executive Member

    yea, that is what it is looking like I'll have to do.

    ah well, I have only myself to blame.
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  10. RareVos

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    Sounds like you may have damaged your MBR. Something like partition magic can fix that. Splitting partitions on single physical drives is always asking for trouble IMO.