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I bought a new gun!!!!!!

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by BowKat04, Jun 24, 2007.

  1. I bought me a new Smith and Wesson M&P 9mm the other day. AWESOME shooting gun. My duty gun is a Glock 19 but I like this gun alllllllllllot better. This is going to be my off duty/home security weapon. Now all I need is a good holster. Anyone have any good ideas? Looking at a Blackhawk level 3 holster for it but not sure yet.
  2. Micro_Mini_Angler

    Micro_Mini_Angler live-2-fish

    check out Gander Mountain in Hilliard, they have a huge selection of holsters. all kinds too

  3. Im passively looking for another 9MM, I have a Colt Govt presently and it has a few rds through it but very few, I want to keep the round count low because you dont see many Colts in 9MM, I keep thinking about a XD as they are a nice sturdy gun at a reasonable price, my first 9MM was a Smith 669 way back in the day, sounds like you have a winner in your Smith.
  4. I have an M&P in a .40 and love it! 1450 rounds through it w/out a single hiccup. Looking to get one now in the .45. It Depends what you're wanting your holster for, But the Blackhawk w/ Serpa lock is a great holster, very comfortable, but doesn't allow very good concealment. It holds the gun too far off of you waist. I use it primarily when fishing, quads, hiking etc. I have a Desantis 3-tab with a thumb break that allows for excellent concealment, great comfort, and can be worn all day easily. If you get a blackhawk, you'll need to get the one for a glock 21,22. It fits the M&P nicely.
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    i currently own a g19, owned a g17 loved both of them
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    The best holsters I have for the Kimber and S&W handguns I own are Galco. Check them out on line. I have quite a few of them and believe they are a quality holster. Coach
  7. I've been looking at the M&P 9mm. Glad to hear you like it. I currently carry a Sig P229 if I can cover it up......otherwise I have a little Kel-Tec
    P38T that fits nicely in a pocket or under a T-shirt. I tried the Glocks, but the grip angle just didn't feel right in my hand
  8. I know a guy who carries a Smith airweight in a ankle holster(I couldnt tell until he showed me) and a Glock in the colder months, most of my handguns would probably be to big for CC use, when you get a CCW do you have to specify what gun you will be carrying???
  9. When you get your CCW permit you DO NOT have to specify, although the Sheriff that took my money and handed me my permit did ask out of curiosity I guess. We talked handguns and eventually rifles for a few minutes.

  10. Blackhawks are the best tactical holster you could ask for. I have carried one off duty for years. Why would you want a triple retention holster for off duty? Too much to think about when the ka ka hits the fan!