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  1. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    Meet eva marie born yesterday night 2lbs 14oz

    after problems with the pregancy and my sister being on bed rest for 40 days in the hospital last night they decided to take her out after her heart rate spiked and droped a few times
    i saw her today and both are doing well she made it to 31 weeks 5 days

    she is so small i can hold her and she is like 3 inches bigger than my hand
    kinda scared to hold her to tell you the truth i am afraid i will hurt her

    but she is doing well and everyone is excited first child in our family in 12 years and first great neice
  2. Congrats to your sister on the new addition. :D Glad to hear everyone is doing well. Start getting the fishing gear saved up now. Before long she'll be running around and begging to go fishing.

  3. misfit

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    what i tiny thing she is.glad to hear she and mom are doing ok.and i know what you mean about being scared to hold her.after 3 holding kids of my own,10 grandkids and countless other newborns in my lifetime,i'm still scared of breaking one when i pick them up:eek:
    even full term babies seem so fragile,but there's no better feeling than holding one and looking into those bright new eyes:)
    well,maybe second to actually watching one ente the world.never got that opportunity with my kids,but thanks to my daughter-in-law,i finally got to watch my grandson's birth 7 years ago:)
  4. fishingful

    fishingful Time to fish!

    thanks guys

    i will see my own kids but not ready to see my sister lol

    my sister had a c-section so she got off easy with the pain

    she was out in like 15 min so i was at the hospital a total of 2 hrs
  5. ....Congratulations ...fishingful to you and your sister and your family...My next door neighbor had a premie two years ago and she weighed 2lb. 14ozs...saw her yesterday cute as a button and running around everywhere...your neice will be doing the same and you will say where did the time go....Glad to hear mom and daughter are doing great...Tell her all the fishermen out here send there Congs. and Love...Very cute little girl...
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    Welcome Eva Marie! Congratulations on your new neice! Prayers go out to your neice and your sister, hope all continues to go well. Doesn't look like you need the prayers though, she is beautiful. Congrats!