I-270 & Sunbury Rd

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  1. I used the green smiley with the title because the title is a real joke
    Have you or will you use this intersection to access Hoover Resv. ?
    or in your daily travels.

    Please use extra caution when crossing three and two lanes to
    reach Sunbury Rd. exit. :mad:

    Leaving Sunbury Rd to go N. on 270 oops two more lanes to cross.:(

    Coming east on 270 and want Sunbury Rd, yep crossover again.:confused:

    If one had some room or distance to make these cross-overs, might not be so bad. But with the short distances allowed and limited view of oncoming traffic extra caution is advised. Have you ever started to swing in behind
    a car only to find it attached to a boat trailer with a boat on it of all things.

    Oh yes there is a much bally- hoood tunnell to use for south bound 270
    from Sunbury Rd. Hope it don`t fill up with rain or snow. that would back up traffic for miles. And God forbid a fender bender there.

    Thanks for your time I` m board all ready. No eyes at Hoover, no water
    at Hoover. Think I`ll take a vacation ........Yes fishing :p

    Captr Hook
  2. misfit

    misfit MOD SQUAD

    haven't been up there since they got it opened up but wondered what it would be like.no worry now though.since i sold the boat and moved to newark i will only have to deal with it when i run over ocassionally to join you,grumpy or someone else:)

  3. seethe303

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    yea, when I was heading up to Hoover last weekend I totally missed the exit for Sunury from 161 because it was so different.

    as far as no eyes in Hoover... the eyes I 'didn't' catch there on Sunday sure did taste good on monday ;)

    that being said, those eyes could very well have been a fluke.

  4. Welcome Back, Rick. If You can remember :p
    p m me your cell number.

    Capt Hook