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  1. I have a 15 ft. aluminum v tiller model with 25 hp. When I am going through moderately rough water and cannot get up to full speed to be on a good plane, I take a bath. I have been told adding a hydrofoil will help solve this problem. Does anyone else agree and any suggestions as to which one. I have seen only two makes in catalogs, Sting Ray XP Junior and SE Sport's
    sport Marine Hydrofoil. I have already moved as much weight to the front as I can.
  2. Just talked to a buddy of mine last evening about this. He has one on his v-bottom with his 15 horse motor and swears by it. I was talking to him because I was thinking of putting one on my 9.9 with the flat-bottom I have. It makes his get up on plane a lot faster and he says he doesnt leave as much of a wake going thru no-wake zones. Was looking at them while we were at Cabelas in Wheeling yesterday. The ones they have there were $49.99 for the Jr.size.

  3. you would be amazed how much difference they make...will plane much faster and stay on plane at slower speeds...also may help raise the boat alittle...check cabelas or bps...
  4. A hydrofoil is one of the best investments you can make.

    Those that have had one don't wait long to get another one for that next boat.
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    i have the sting ray on my 15' silvan and im happy with it.
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    I have a 16.5' deep v with a 40 hp, when I turn at full throttle, the prop draws alot of air(even slight turns). Will these help in that situation?
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    make sure you have the right prop also,that can make a big difference
  8. Ya they help hold the water were its needed. I have one on my 35hp. PLanes right out and has a top speed of 35. Not bad loaded. It also has a plastic or composite 4 blade prop on it. Love those too. Moves more water than the 3.