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  1. Has anyone ever tryed the hydra minnow? I watched an infomercial on them this morning on the outdoor channel,they sound great but I am just not one to be sold on something that I see on tv.
  2. hhhmmm guess If I can get a bite of a reply on here from anyone having any success with them than they probably dont work all that great for getting bites from fishing with them!:D

  3. Either that or they work so well that no one wants to admit to them :) I haven't even seen that infomercial yet. If they do work you will have to let us all know. I had my taste at infomercial lures with the banjo minnow. It actually caught a few fish but they would fly off the little cork screw thingy after a couple casts and drive you right up the wall.
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    Personally, I am the kind of guy that will try anything once if its a reasonable price. Less than 40 bucks for a system like that and I'm all over it haha. Right now I'm in a bit of a bind, but as soon as I can, I'll order them.