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  1. was lookin at the ohio record fish on odnr website andsaw a record for a hybrid blue gill.........never heard of em.........any bodyheard of them?
  2. Bluegill x green sunfish cross is the most popular. It is the fastest and one of the largest growing sunfish. The can occur in nature and are also farmed for pond stocking

  3. just remember, if you stock them into your pond, you need to crop them quickly because the female hybrids will slowly spawn out and eventually youll have a pond loaded with stunted green sunfish about 3" long.( after several spawns, the hybrid part disapears and then your stuck with pure sunfish)be very careful as most places highly discourage stocking them into ponds now because in 5 years, your gonna have some serious issues.

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    whhhooo tell you what though, they are one of the hardest fighting fish there is. Feels like a 5 lb bass on the end of the line.:D
  5. i can pretty much guarantee you've caught one before but just never noticed the difference. Anywhere there are green sunfish and bluegills the hybrids are very common. Most people just call any and all sunfish a "bluegill" and toss it back but if you really look at the markings you'd probablly be suprised how often it occurs. When i first got into fishing i was messing around a little junk pond choked with stunted hybrids and my girlfriend got one pushing 10-11 inches. Me being stupid and new just said wow that is big and chucked it back. Wish i would have at least got a pic and weight. The thing was super fat.
  6. Speaking of this, wasn't there a post a long time ago about a company developing a 5# hybrid gill/bream that was almost ready for stockings. Now that would be fun on the ultralight.
  7. Yea the first generation is great. They have the best traits of gills and greens, but after they breed again the second generation looses the size and quality. And every generation after that gets worse. They do not go back to greens, they are just a less quality blue/green (smaller). This is true with any hybrid cross, when crossing the first generation is great but later generations end up worse than the parent generations.
  8. anyone have a pic of one?