HVAC System Overhaul

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  1. I am looking into replacing our furnace and AC unit. The furnace is 30+ yrs old so I definitely need to replace it. Not sure about the AC unit but I expect it is close to the same age. We have three zone heating and live in NE Ohio. I am trying to compare the costs/merits/downside of going with an 80 or 90% gas furnace and a new AC unit or going with a heat pump and either a gas or electric backup furnace or heat pump and a high efficiency gas insert for the fireplace. Has anyone gone through a similar upgrade? What is the merit/downside of going with the heat pump? I am concerned about total cost/ efficiency as well as comfort. I do plan to have three digital thermostats installed in any event. I also plan on upgrading the insulation and some if not all of the windows. I am also planning on getting an attic exhaust fan installed to help move the hot air (the upstarirs stays warm even with AC) - there is a ridge vent on one of the roof lines. thanks
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    Send a PM to HVAC-MAN from this site. He's in the Poland area and does excellant work....