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    this might be the wrong area but can anyone tell me if there are wadeable parts of the huron river? also, what kinds of fish are there in the huron. just looking to expand my river fishing skills to a strange river.

    thanx for any replies
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    I grew up fishing the Huron around the Milan wildlife area. Hard shale/slate bottom in the old Coho Dam area, which has been removed. Wonderful wading, but the water is very clear in the summer, also popular. Lots of little smallies, couple good ones over the years. i think its present on the ODNR website..

  3. if you head north of milan towards the lake you can hit some small white bass. mostly small mouth and largemouth. pike and crappie also.its mostly fished for smalies though
  4. Tried that area a few weekends ago. waded as far as I could walk. Mostly shallow and not much structure. had luck right above ripples and around downed trees. Here was my report. Look in the shadows just below and to the right of my hand. You can see how clear and shallow.