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Huron River

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by shorty413, Dec 1, 2004.

  1. Has anyone fished the Huron River much? Any stray Steelhead in there? I saw a guy fishing the dam in Monroeville the other day. Just wondering if anyone had any info on it. Thanks.
  2. A low number of Steelhead do make it into the river. I caught two accidently while fishing for crappie in the spring. I have also heard of them being caught off the wall in the Spring and Fall. I have

  3. There's a few in there, but not as many as the rivers more to the east.
  4. krustydawg

    krustydawg KrustyDawg

    I fish the Huron River quite a bit in the spring/fall for steelies. Like Archman said there not in abundance like the rivers to the east but they are there. One day 2 years ago I caught 12, this year I may have caught that many combined. Good place to go if you want to be by your lonesome, I'm usually the only one there when I go. I have caught steelehead wading from the Route 250 bridge all the way to the Ohio turnpike bridge.

  5. JGRobey

    JGRobey Hook'EmUP

    I fish the Huron at the Monroeville Damn every once in while. Sometimes I'll stop there on ymway home in the spring from fishing the Sandusky for white bass. Catch plenty of panfish. When the water is ata moderate level, try wading. There are some rocks on the east side of the river up close to the damn that creat a few holes. I cast a chartrues rooster tail in for that occasional surprise. Last year i saw a large fish moving in that general area. It disappeared and i couldn't see it anymore. I casted a 1/4 oz rooster tail in and came up with a 28" Northern Pike. This was the only time I've caught a predator fish in there other than the occaisonal nice sized needle nosed gar. On the West side of the river I cast an 1/8 oz white rooster tail right up where the water splashes down. Wierd expereince is that you'll pull out all kinds of pan fish. on an odd occasion you might get lucky like I did. I caught a largemouth slightly over 5lb in the backwater wasn't expecting that. Great fight considering i was using my ultralight for panfish.