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  1. I was wondering if anyone might have the latest info for getting out to the west wall through "Krusty's Trail Of Terror".
    Last year (about an hour into the thing) I was starting to wonder if someone didn't make this path by tying a mower to a horses tail and slappin him on the ass.:D I thought for a second we might be doing the frigg'n script Ohio in there or some dang thing.
    I'm heading up there soon so if I end up missing, tell the search team to follow this map that my GPS made the last trip through.

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  2. Just pokin a little fun at Matt. In his defense, he said he didn't cut the trail last year. Pretty sure it was Ronnie Milsap.

  3. wow i was looking at that from the water and wondering how people got back there now i know...
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    You guys are too funny !:D I did not assist in cutting the path this year either. I have not been off the west wall yet but my "sources" tell me that the best path is along the rocks, I plan on finding out soon. It's funny you mention getting lost in there, a couple years back a gentleman became disoriented and lost his way. He ended up calling 911 for them to save him ! LOL !
  5. Holy Moses ! ! ! He gave you the short cut :eek: .... you should have seen the directions that he gave me.... I started, at the pier end, at 6:00pm...and arrived at 11:27pm at the west wall.... pedometer registerd 10.275 miles....:p :D
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    Those are the diections I give when the bite is fast and furious ! That way I have my limit by the time you get there ! LOL !:D