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Huron Hawg Fest Hotels and other Activities

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Lundy, Aug 2, 2004.

  1. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    The rooms at the Plantation are going quickly. There are only a few left. I have included a list of other hotels in the area. Some are very close. The Plantation is on Cleveland Road as are some of the others shown below.

    There are also bunches of hotels in the Sandusky area, only 10-15 minutes away, to meet any budget. Just do a search for Sandusky hotels. Late September is past their peak season and reasonable rates should be available.

    We still have some room left on the Perch trip scheduled for Sunday morning September 26th. This will be a great perch trip in a part of the lake known for it's big catches of huge fall Erie perch.

    Other Activities

    Cedar Point - Less than 10 min away. This is one of the best amusement parks in the country, with 2 of it's many roller coaster rated in the top 5 in the country.

    Cranberry Creek Marina - 1 mile away. Great people, rental boats and waverunners, boat ramp.

    Drive through safari - 15 min away.

    Firelands Winery tours - 10 min away.

    Jet Express - 20 min away. Take this amazing boat to South Bass Island for a day of fun.

    Huron Area Hotels / Cottage Rentals

    Captain Montague's Guest House
    229 Center Street
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.4756

    Gull Motel
    45 Cleveland Rd. E.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.4855

    Maples Motel
    4409 Cleveland Rd.
    Sandusky OH 44870
    Phone: 419.626.1575

    Parkway Motel
    3017 Cleveland Rd. W.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.3094

    Huron River Valley Resort Marina & Campground
    P. O. Box 443
    9019 River Road
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.4118
    Fax: 419.433.8311

    A.L. Enterprises - Cottage Rental
    Amy Fox, co-owner
    3912 Jane Ave.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.7324
    River's Edge Inn
    132 N. Main Street
    Huron, OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.8000

    Plantation Motel
    2815 Cleveland Rd.E.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.4790

    Ritter's Rentals
    23 Rye Beach Rd.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.3685

    Cottage Rental
    2012 Cleveland Road, E.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone 419.433.3605

    The Lodge at Sawmill Creek
    P.O. Box 358
    2401 Cleveland Rd. W.
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.3800

    Microtel Inn & Suites
    601 Rye Beach Road
    Huron OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.7829
    Fax: 419.433.3040

    2119 Clevland Road, West
    Huron, OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.5359

    Cardinal House Cottage Bed & Breakfast
    1208 Cleveland Rd., W
    Huron, OH 44839
    Phone: 419.433.3408
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    Thanks Lundy.
    Very convenient for our members!

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  4. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    One month from today IS THE OGF/WBSA HURON HAWG FEST!!!
    We’ve got an OPEN WALLEYE TOURNAMENT…we’ve got a PIG ROAST and WALLEYE FRY…we’ve got TRIPS RAFFLES…we’ve got a PERCH HEADBOAT TRIP…and we’ve even got LIVE BANDS! The party starts immediately after the weigh in!

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    If you are looking to have a GREAT TIME, with GREAT PEOPLE, and GREAT FOOD, come join us Saturday September 25th at the Plantation in Huron Ohio for the post tournament PIG ROAST and PARTY!

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  5. ShakeDown

    ShakeDown OGF Staff Staff Member Admin

    Anyone booked a room NOT at the PLantation? A coupla guys have asked me about alternatives to the plantation (they are 100% booked), so anyone have any recommendations?

  6. I just booked a room at the Parkway Motel in Huron for the Hawg Fest. Very reasonable rates and it sounds nice. She still has several rooms open. Approx $38 per night.