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We perch fished with golden shiners (and frozen emerald shiners) all morning, Friday for four hours and only picked up only one perch. We fished several spots and ended up 3 miles north and east of Kellys Island 17.7 miles from ramp. Nice day for a hunt!

So we finally gave up perching, and it's a good thing we did, we then trolled back to Huron and picked up 8 walleye, lost one board burier at boat, in two hours with worm harnesses behind 2 oz inline weights at 47 to 57' behind boards at 1.7 mph. The walleye catch seemed to coincide with the wind shift SW-S-SE- to NE in afternoon.

Guess we never found the right perch spot or our technique was wrong!

Several people we talked to said, don't waste your time fishing for perch east of Huron so we went west, nada!
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