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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Ted Dressel, Nov 12, 2007.

  1. I've been hunting a very active scrape for the past 3 weeks.Seen 4-5 deer every time.My stand is 60yrds away so this last weekend I moved it closer to the scrape but the only tree I can find is 10 yrds.away is that to close?The reason why I'm asking I did'nt see any deer when I moved it.
  2. If you are well concealed in the tree then I would say no it is not too close but it makes it even more difficult to stay completely downwind of any approaching deer when you are that close. I would say it was either bad timing or you are not hidden or you put yourself upwind of the approaching deer.

    If you feel confident that they have changed their routine and are not going to use it anymore then I would concentrate my efforts on thinking about where they are coming from and move closer to a funnel area within that funnel. Right now scrapes are not necessarily where you want to be. The bucks will check them but the main thing is they are checking the does themselves as well which means you want to get in an area where you can find as much doe travel as possible. And make sure you are hidden in a downwind tree.:D

    Good luck!!

  3. I wouldn't expect to see a lot activity around scrapes this time of year. The bucks that made it could be miles away by now, and very likely are.
  4. Thanks for the input I'll try it 1 more time than I'll look for a funnel,but it seems like agood area.There's alot of trails in that general area.
  5. That is not to say that the bucks will not frequent that area but as M.Magis said the bucks are not really concerning themselves all that much with the scrapes right now. They are actively seeking does. The key is to find those does and set up in a good traffic area and let the does bring them to you.
  6. Earlier in the year, I had a monster make a scrape 15 yards from me while I watched and could not get a shot. He caught wind of me and hung around for about an hour as he went behind me and bedded down. Eventually he walked away. On this past sunday a doe came through the woods behind me and a different monster came over the hill right at me and I could not get ready for a shot. He stopped at this scrape and I was moving trying to get ready for a shot. He then looked up at me as he was down wind and snorted at me and stomped the ground for about 10 minutes and made me look like an idiot. There were 6 other bucks that came out while he was ranting none of which were shooters. He finally left and I let out a grunt. He came back and stayed about 25 yards from me trying to figure out where and what I was. He stayed around for another 20 minutes and eventually walked away. The problem is that the wind was not on my side like it usually is and he was at his scrape and scented me. I am not sure what to do as I doubt he will be back now. Did I screw up and will he come back?
  7. If he did not figure you out as a hunter then I would say he will be back. But he may pay more attention to that tree than in the past. Therefore I would probably try to move even just a short ways to create a different angle and perhaps be in a better position in respect to the wind.