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Hunting Saftey Course Question(s)

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by atrkyhntr, Aug 13, 2004.

  1. Can anyone tell me how best to prepare my 2-9 yr olds for the course and test that follows?
    THANKS in advance
  2. I took the course with my daughter, and my wife took it along with my son. I think it helped being there. I know that we had a great teacher - we took it in Tipp City. There is some book work to it and a lot of new terms to learn. But all passed the test, including one about 5 years old that could barely read. He was an experienced shooter though....his dad was a lifetime shooting competitor and I'm sure that helped.

  3. Call 1-800 wildlife and request one student manual for each of your kids and one for you and your wife. Either have the kids read it and answer the questions or read it to them and have them answer the ?'s. Once this is done with the KIDS answering all the questions, you can just have them take a home study course completion. This is one four hour class and the test. It offers more one on one teaching and hands on then a normal class and younger kids usually do better with it. Drop an email to me or call 330-733-0082 and we can jaw about it.
    Huntinbull aka John Michaels
  4. We're already heading to a course this coming weds then sat at liberty outdoors...
    Wish there was something posted about the home study course completion on the DNR website :(
    I don't have much time with my kids since I do not have custody thus the need to egt things done when ever we can...