Hunting report for 11-23

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by jkeeney20, Nov 24, 2007.

  1. Got to the stand about 6:30 and hunted till about 10:30, was snowing and real windy...only saw one small buck........Wind started calming down so headed out this evening from 2-6:30, seen nothing until about 5:30 than all he** broke loose...first saw 2 small bucks running together, than 3 does went by...few minutes later 2 more does about 75 yards away walked across...than about 15 minutes before it started getting dark I saw a huge 10 point right where the last two does where and than about 5 minutes later a massive 12-14 point (at least) came through....all out of bow range of course....Tried everything to get him to come...nothing....I did get a first though, I actually heard the big buck do a snort wheeze, just like the call...couldn't believe it...never the less it got dark...I'll be back there in about 6 hrs (6am)....Maybe things will pick up with the cold weather :)
  2. Sounds like a fun morning. The snort wheeze has got to be the coolest noise I've ever heard in the woods. I happened to be walking to my stand last year around this time and stumbled upon two bucks squaring off snort wheezing less than 20 yards from me. I was kneeled down behind a tree and the hair on the back of my kneck was standing up. That will probably be my most memorable moment in the deer woods. I'm still not sure if they didn't see/smell me or if they simply didn't care.

  3. Sounds like you need to move your stand 50 yards in that direction. Good luck
  4. Decided to keep the stand there today...good choice....early 2 doe came out right by my stand.....few minutes later a big 10pt came out exactly as the others did the day before(75yrds away)...hit my grunt a few times and he finally looked up, seen the does and made a made dash.....started chasing the small one and when he finally stopped about 30 yrds away I let her fly.....MISS....bout first miss with a bow, boy does it hurt...not sure but think I missed high:(
  5. Probably not timely for jokes.... BUT hey, shotgun season is right around the corner!
  6. Did you find your arrow?
  7. Yes I found my arrow! After I shot he ran away like nothing happened, than found my arrow that still looked brand new.....even followed where he ran off to just to make sure, with nothing anywhere....I just flat missed....I think it was because I had just made fun of a friend who missed a 150" buck earlier in the I can't hunt gun season till the weekend....unfortunatly I work and can't get know how that goes...oh well....I am going to try in the morning one last time
  8. Its all about karma! I made fun of a buddy for missing a dandy a few weeks ago, two days later I missed for the first time in many years. Another friend made fun of me and said I need to go to a crossbow if I cannot hit them with a compound, next night he missed a monster. From now own it is only sympathy from me:)