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Discussion in 'Bucks and Does' started by joe01, Oct 20, 2008.

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    I found a rub line on 8 trees in a row. I hunted it 2 days in the evenings. I did not see one deer, they were all fresh rubs. I don't believe I use my best judgment since this is the first time in 13 years I decide to hunt again. I used my sent lock base layer. sent lock head cover with gloves, Rubber boots. I even spray my stand with down wind sent control. But when carrying my climber I would get real sweaty, so I think I left a lot of sent being, I did wash my outerwear ( Bibs & Coat) with sent control wash. Do you think I pushed out the bucks. Also is the any way I can cut out more sent? Andy and all help would be great.
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    Scent Control was a good thread on here a few weeks ago. This same topic is driving me nuts...I do everything I can to be scent free but feel like once I start sweating it is all over. I think the wind (and luck) needs to be in your favor.

  3. I have a feeling you are worring about the wrong stuff. scent free or not don't walk into the middle of a rub line, work the edges of the bucks territory. It is all about being in the right place at the right time, so be out a lot and don't crowd the deer.
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    It seem like every 200 yards there a huge rub, There is a thicket about 70yards to the right and a corn field 100 yards to the left, I did walk up the rub line....

    My chance at him is over I'm guessing I spoked him out. I will stop hunting that spot for a week or too. Do you think there is a chance to get him on the front side of the thicket?
  5. The deer might still be in the area but traveling at night, you just won't know unless you have trail cam pics of his travel routine. The best bet right now is to hunt the does and the bucks will be right there or soon will be. I got quite a few reports of bucks dogging does over the weekend so it can only get better.
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    i would rather hunt an active scrape than rubs, fresh poo in a scrape and a doe footprint is an active scrape.
  7. I carry field wipes with me in case I break out into a sweat. Sit down, breath, and pull out a wipe and de-scent once again. Its better than wiping your brow with your sleeve. I also believe no matter what we do, we will still smell like a human, just not as bad depending on how much you practice scent control. Cover scents can fake a deer out until you can put an arrow into it. Or choose to let it walk. I mix my scent control spray with a small amount of earth scent. I feel it helps to neutralize and mask my oder on my hands and boots at the same time. Oh, and hunt the wind, and have a scent-lock outer layer over your face and body. Hunt smart like previous post suggest. Then when you have all that .....remember one more thing, Luck is the biggest factor of all. Thats why they call it hunting and not shooting.
  8. Be patient...A couple of years ago, I found a rub line following the perimeter of a briar thicket. There were rubs ever 20 yards or so. I found where two trails intersected and set up 20 yards from the intersection. Shot a BIG 9 point a week later. He's there, you just have to be there when he is traveling through there. For me, it was right at sunrise. Everyone has got one thing absolutely need the luck to factor in taking a big buck.
  9. Joe listen to me older Brother speeking im no expert but as you know pretty successful hunting white tail. Your NOT doing the wrong thing you found a active spot back there. Now keep up with the scent regiment. Just like other have said its beeing in the right place at the right time. Keep going back to that spoty and you will lay the smack down. patience patience .