Hunting Chair Blinds

Discussion in 'The Lodge' started by RichsFishin, Jan 29, 2008.

  1. Was wondering if anyone has one of those hunting blind chairs and what kind do you have and if you like it or not ??????? I thought I read stuff on here before but could not find it. Thanks.............................Rich
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    they work well! i had a home made one from a low style beach chair. but the decoy to cover you is about $20.00 each and you can't buy just 1 new. you will have to find one used. i prefer a 6ft plastic sled to lay in and cover with burlap or other necessary colors as needed. like a white sheet for snow. also an angled back board to lean against is a must . cheap to buil too.

  3. Come on over and rest a little under my Goose Lounger.
    I had to add a few slots and holes to it to see all around.
  4. Or do you mean one of those used for turkey/deer just big enough to hold 1 chair, and being approx. 4ft high?
  5. Toxic

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    I think that's what he is asking about......
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    I bought one early bow season. Its like Hunting with an umbrella sitting on your head. You feel really cramped with the front closed, and really exposed with it open. Id stick with a full size pop up.
  7. Yeah thats the kind I was talking about. I bought one last night at Dicks. Its a All About Game Inc. chair blind. Was orginally $100 and I got it for $70. Seems to a little tight with a crossbow in there but I think I'll be ok with it. Might also use it for ice fishing.........................Rich