hunting ceasers creek

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  1. Anyone ever hunt ceasers creek.... is there good deer out there? is there alot of people hunting it? I just moved up here and it would be my first time hunting on public land.
  2. Theres a pile of deer down there, just a lot of land to scout and remember its public so there is a good chance you may stumble or may be stumbled upon.

    THe past 3 yrs ive seen a pack of younger guys get deer out of spring valley. Just dont go during the Pheaseant Releases.

  3. Absolutely No deer at CC. Not a single one ;)
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    Amen to that!!!! Almost got killed out there last year.
  5. THere are deer there but as Everyone has said be extremely careful out there. CC seems to draw a lot of stupid people to it. Had a guy shoot at me and my brothers duck decoys last year. Needless to say he got a ear full and a few obscenities thrown at him. His friends didn't seem to happy either.
  6. Spring Valley seems like a quiet area for deer hunting, the only thing its seems people go down their for is the pheseant releases and rabbits. Some say there are lots of tree rats in there but ive never seen any.

    The only thing i see sucking about either area is the hills you would have to drag on up and down to get back to the car.

    Oh yeah they got lots of them tasty puff ball shrooms down there too.