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Hunting and Fishing Videos??????

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Pipeliner, Feb 28, 2005.

  1. Hey guys of the OGF Team...
    I have hours and hours of Hunting Footage that I have taken over the last almost 20 years.. Have you ever thought of hosting Video clips on this great site. If this is not possibble, What is the best way for me to put them on the web. I have probably close to 50 Turkey taken on video, tons of Turkey Footage, 2 nice Bucks with the bow, Lots of Deer, and lots of fishing....... and Lots of other related Videos,,,,, Just wondering,,, Thanks,, Stan
    Man, I love this site
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  2. Hey Stan the best way to post them on the web is to purchase server space like they offer here at OGF (web hosting) then upload away ;)
    If you need any help setting up the web server space maybe I can talk shortdrift into taking a ride one day... I want to show him where I turkey hunt anyway...
    You most likely have dial up access where your at and that could hinder uploading to a server but that said I could do that for you anyway... Would take some time though with all you have LOL
    I am pretty much free the next couple weeks after that its back to the grind...

    BTW it would cost too much for the OGF team to host videos for free :eek:

  3. BTW with all the movies you have it would be far better to upload clips and not whole movies or you could go broke very quickly !!
  4. Thanks for the reply... That would problably be the best, I have free hosting with my ISP. I think around 200 meg... I was only going to upload the Highlights. I do have DSL so the upload is not a problem... I may check with Branden or Roger about what they have to offer as far as space and cost.... If you come down sometime.. let Me know,,,, PM me... I have some spurs to show ya! 1 3/4" ...BTW ....They are starting to Gobble like crazy!!!!!!!! Stan :D
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  5. D A M N Stan between you and Ron I will get the fever early this year gezzzz.... I am taking out 3 kids during the youth early season hunt and then shortdrift at some point during the 1st week which I have off after that it will be weekends only and back to taking out the kids...

    Here is a link where you can see what they offer :
  6. I'll have to get my video tapes out and capture a few images for ya!!!! If you need any help with those kids.. Let me know... I can even video tape the hunt!!! And if you get Ron down here,,, I will be honored to tape him shooting a nice Longbeard.... Gobble,, Gobble ,, Gobble,,, Stan :D
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  7. I guess we'll have to make a date then Stan... I have been working on my friction calls due to having losing some teeth from a motorcycle accident... Stress fractures all over they say I will lose all my teeth over time because they will simply die UGH!!!
    Anyway check out these eggs I got from a road killed hen and how they progress along all the way from that one in the very middle to the while one that I am sure was ready to come out... I squeezed it out to show the guys how an egg is really round till it comes out ;)
    Be nice to split up into a couple groups for youth season man it was rough with cuz, his wife, their 3 sons and me LOL