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Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by Blaze6784, Nov 8, 2007.

  1. I was wondering if anyone on here was hunting Wright-Patt AFB. I have been out the past week and haven't seen much action at all. The bucks were scraping like crazy last week and then just stopped. If anybody is hunting the base, what phase of the rut is happening?

    Thanks for the info
  2. fisherman5567

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    I dont hunt the base but Security Forces sent out an email stating they have found about 10 tree stands....if anyone is missing one from the base.

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    I dont' hunt where you are either, but from the description you give, it could be lockdown. The bucks are breeding the doe right now and don't have to go far to find the next one. In a few days it should get better!

  4. I went to relocate my stand today at noon and apparently that was a bad time to do so. First off, I forgot my wallet and said to my self "Self, I am just going to go get my treestand, I dont need my wallet (with license)." With that being said, I left my bow in the truck (since I didn't have my license on me) so I could run get the stand and be outta there. Well, I took 2 steps into the woods from the river and immediately saw a doe at the top of the hill i was about to go up. She walked off and never saw me. I continued hearing movement up on top of the hill so I just listened. Then I saw him. It was a huge buck, 20yds from me. He never saw me. He wanted to cross in front of me so I stomped and moved by a fallen down log so if he did cross he wouldn't see me. He never saw me. I was praying he would just walk off and he did. I got the heck outta there and am gonna make sure I am in the stand tomorrow. I have already taken crap for not carrying my bow, but I did not have my license on me. O well, I guess the rut is starting to heat up. Do you think he will be back tomorrow chasing does or do you think I scared him off?

    Thanks for listening to me rant.
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    He'll be chasing does, but who knows if it is going to be in the same area. Not to say that you scared him outta there, but this time of year they just seem to roam about.
  6. Chris,

    You hunting on the river side?

    I've been hunting across from the Boy Scout camp and haven't been seeing very many deer at all this year. I passed on a forky only to see him in the back of a truck a couple of hours later, and also passed on a button buck that was taken later that day. The only nice buck I've seen in this area was one down by the dog training area, and that was last sunday night around 5pm, he was a 150+. I went down there and scouted a bit, and there are stands everywhere so there's not much of a chance of hunting that area unless you wanna risk sitting right on top of someone :(