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Huntin a Lure

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Buckeye Ron, May 3, 2005.

  1. Had a buddy tell me a good lure for walleye/saugeye was a tadpolly lure. Has anyone used them for going after the eyes?
  2. Hetfieldinn

    Hetfieldinn Staff Member

    The Heddon TadPolly was extremely popular in the late sixties/early seventies, so was the Flatfish.

    I have a few old ones in a box in the basement. I still see them for sale at some of the bigger sporting goods stores.

    They have a wide wobble, and can get pretty deep. I haven't ried one in years.

  3. Whaler

    Whaler Whaler

    Tadpollys are good for everything. I've caught a lot of Walleyes on them and several Muskies. I have a ton of them.
  4. Thanks for the information on them, appreciate the link for Cabelas, need to get some ordered now for :B