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I am a recent graduate of the Hunters Ed Instructor's course and would like to begin holding classes. Anyone with a few friends, children, relatives, church members, club members, etc who wants to have a private class or would like to attend an open registration class please send me an Email to [email protected]. There are two options for the class. 1)Homestudy, where you call 1-800-Wildlife or visit www,ohiodnr.com/wildlife.If you go to the website you can access the manual there. If you call 1-800-Wildlife you can have the manual sent to you. You then follow the instructions and complete the manual. Once you are ready, contact me or the DOW and a Completion course will be arranged. At the course there will be hands on safety training, situational training, materials handed out, and the exam will be given. The completion course takes about 4 hours. 2)Traditional Classes where you come to at least 8-14 hours of classes then take the exam. Either class is exceptional, both being very well designed and run. Benefits of the hunters Education course are:
A) The Ohio Hunters Ed. card is accepted in all 50 states and canadian provinces. It is also valid for your lifetime. If you plan on going hunting at a lodge out west or in Canada, this can be a big time saver.
B)The materials taught are thorough and very necessary. Many concepts taught will apply to other aspects of life as well as the hunting fields.
C)It can be a bonding experience with your children, nieces and nephews, grandchildren, friends, etc.
D) Even Experienced and Accomplished hunters usually learn or reinforce some aspect of the course.
E) It is a great way to help ensure the hunting heritage in Ohio for generations to come. Just by attending the class you help us raise money for management and preservation and conservation.

Feel free to PM or Email me. Thanks
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