Hunter's bullet grazes 2 kids at Mich. day care

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    Hunter's bullet grazes 2 kids at Mich. day care

    Associated Press
    9:00 AM CST, November 22, 2008

    Authorities say a hunter's stray bullet grazed two young boys at an in-home day care near Cheboygan.

    The Cheboygan County sheriff's department says a 43-year-old woman fired a rifle at a deer on Thursday and the bullet grazed the 3- and 5-year-olds inside Angie's Country Kids Day Care in Benton Township.

    Television station WWTV reports the children were playing in the living room when the bullet came through a wall. The Petoskey-News Review report they were treated at Cheboygan Memorial Hospital and released.

    Authorities say the woman was hunting about 400 yards away, and may not have realized a day care was in the area.

    The county prosecutor's office was expected to review the case.

  2. As a hunter / gun collector for the better part of 64 years I would love to see this so called hunter jailed and a very hefty fine. In fact I would love to see the same for all the so called "Hunting Accidents and Accidental Discharges". There is absolutely no reason for a firearm accident or hunting accident. If you don't know where that bullet is going to end its flight then DO NOT pull the trigger. If you pick up a firearm look to see if a round is in the chamber, magazine or whatever. just my 2 cents,

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    That's a scary story. I wonder if the area is rural or more suburban? I agree with Deadwood, I hate to see these kind of hunting mishaps. Each one is another statistic to be used by those who hate hunting and guns.
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    Not sure what she was "hunting" with, but traveling 400 yards and still being able to penetrate through a house and graze two kids is pretty impressive. I would say she may be covering her tale a little with her story.

  5. Not to make light of the subject but I thought 400 yds. was a pretty impressive/made-up distance myself.:)
    I guess anything is possible, but in my mind not this story.