Hunter dies in fall from stand

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    This article was just emailed to me. It sounds like he wasn't wearing any safety restraint.

    Hunter dies in fall from stand

    Special to the Salem News

    NEGLEY — A Negley-area hunter died after falling from his tree stand Wednesday evening, according to the Columbiana County Sheriff’s Office.

    The body of Douglas G. Haggerty, 52, of state Route 154, was found below his tree stand by his brother-in-law, who called the sheriff’s office at 8:41 p.m.

    According to the report, Haggerty left at 5:10 p.m. for his tree stand located a half mile uphill from his home on the same property. When he didn’t return after awhile, his brother-in-law went looking for him.

    Deputies called to the scene found Haggerty’s crossbow and backpack still in the tree stand, which is located some 30 feet off the ground. The crossbow was still secured to its hanger.

    Deputies wrote that it appeared during Haggerty’s fall his head struck the lower platform. The county coroner’s office will perform an autopsy to determine the official cause of death.
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    Sad story.
    Just another reason to always wear a safety harness.I learned the hard way,took a header from almost 20ft in 1996 I was very lucky with an arm/wrist/hand broken in several places and a few cracked ribs.
    Always wear your harness even when climbing!!!!!!!I know they can be and are a pain in the butt,but may just save your life.

  3. snag


    true harnesses are good to use but they have flaws also, reading up in the past ohio outdoor news paper,a guy was found hanging from his harness below his stand very dead,so i guess theres pros and cons to this story..
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    That person was probably not using their harness properly either. A rubber hammer can be dangerous too if not used properly
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    I actually work with this guys brother,,,,,,,The guy actually had a massive heart attack while in the tree stand.Him falling from the stand was pretty much irrevelant about his death,,,,the heart attack did him in.Sad story and my condolences goes out to Terry Haggerty and his family,,,,,,,his brother was only in his early 50's.
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    Kdog, my condolences for you and the family.