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    Nitro and I were on Lake Erie a coup[le years ago, my bobber went down and I set the hook as I reeled it in my partner's bob went down, he got the fish thru the hole and I reeled in the rest of my line but it was tugging like crazy I grabbed the line and got another hard pull we instantly heard someone out the shanty yelling I got a huge one on , as I looked out the shanty window I saw the guy fighting his {fish}, as I pulled my line again his rod would go down and he would get all excited again yelling and screaming it's gotta be 12 lbs or better, he drew a crowd of around 10 people watchin the battle, we were inside the shanty crackin up , his fish made it to my line and wrapped, then to my partners line and wrapped so he was fightin a 170 lb ice fisherman, this was truly hilarious after I gave him a good 5 minute fight I finally snapped his line, he became instantly bummed out and the crowd was showing and saying major sympathy to him. For the rest of the day you could hear him tell anyone who listened about the one that got away, the fish did grow in size as the day went on up to at least a 17lber. it was only about a 2 1/2 lb trout. I never had the heart to fess up.
  2. Great story!!! While we're remembering funny stories on the ice, does anyone here remember Corey's pug dog story???? That would be clear back to the Husky Hooker days!

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    reelmanly, I believe in the fisherman's bible, you have earned a trip straight to h**l. It's a big pond with huge fish, you have a fully rigged boat with all the gear, except for hooks!!!