Hummingbird smartcast?

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by Rooster, Dec 26, 2004.

  1. They're both. I love mine and its taught me allot of things I didn't know about my favorite holes.

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    Rooster......i have one of the bigger units and my buddy has the wrist watch one...his is perfect for small streams( a 75ft range) and we always take it when looking for deep holes.

    My unit is nice..BUT it has a short range(100ft) can modify them to reach way over 100 yrds and mine has under gone much changes to increase its hopeing to reach atleast 170 yrds.

    If you buy the bigger unit for fishing the ole Ohio river and want to know how to increase its range, give me a shout......i think i can increase the range of the wrist watch model also, i'll have to try it out on my buddys first, but i think it will work out perfectly.


    PS..almost far as a toy, nah i have tons of those, but this is a bank anglers dream, no more wondering just how deep the drop off is 30 yrs out in front of you and if fish are holding on the brush pile 25 yrs to your left..this will tell you!!
  3. i got one and use it all the time in my kayak, mostly for a depth reader and structure finder but for something to use in a yak it can't be beat. I was in a bass tournament this year when our main unit went out and we actually had to chuck my hummingbird over the side. came in real handy
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    I fish mostly from a yak or on the shore and am considering one, as well. I've heard pretty good things about them, too. I'm sure in the coming years technology will make these things even better, but for $80-$90 bucks you can't beat it. Let us know if you get one & how you like it.
    Good luck,
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    I have one and like it! Like action said, teaches a lot about places you did not know for sure! I like mine and plan on using it more next season!