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Hummingbird RF 10 Mobile Station SmartCast Fish Finder

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by jdoz80, May 26, 2005.

  1. jdoz80

    jdoz80 Slayer of the fish

    Has any one used one or do they know of anybody who has one. Thinking about buying one.
  2. I bought the wrist viewer. Had it about 2 mounths now. It really works great for me since I fish off the shore. Shows the bottom and depth in pretty good detail, and the fish alarm and finder work well also. Compact enough to carry anywhere. It will not show any info if casted beyound 75 yards, but other than that works great and info on how to use it is easy to understand. Also easy to work. I saw where Cabela's had it on sale and went to Gander and they matched the sale price, $74.99. Additional receivers cost around $20 bucks and they last around 400 hours.

  3. dnm


    Its a watch that is a fish finder?!?!?!? How does it work? I also fish from the shore so that would be great!