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Hummingbird Fish/Depth Finders Help???

Discussion in 'Boats and Motors' started by VIPERCOUNTRY911, Jul 21, 2005.


    VIPERCOUNTRY911 Portage Lakes

    I have Hummingbird Fish/Depth Finders on the 1990 Ranger bassboat that I just bought. I can only find one transducer located on the rear transom at below the water level. The problem is that they go blank intermittently or don't read the bottom at all. They have power all the time. Should both the front and above dash finders be wired to the same transducer or should there be two transducers? These are both the original Hummingbirds with the boat, circa 1989/1990. Does anyone know anything about the wiring or troubleshooting on these things? Could really use some help if anyone has good knowledge on these. I live in Firestone Park in Akron.
  2. Hooch

    Hooch Fare Thee Well!

    Do yourself a favor and throw them in the trash and buy anything but a Hummingbird. They may be better now, but in the early '90's they weren't that good even when they were new... If the problem is occuring when you are on plane and moving down the lake, sometimes they will have a problem picking up the bottom. If this is occuring while sitting still, I'm not sure. -Hooch-

  3. You say they both goth blank at times so I am assuming the front one has worked at times. It isn't by chance hooked to a transducer on the bottom of you trolling motor is it? I have one of mine that way. Of course this one would get nothing until you drop the trolling motor into position. Also there is a chance that the two are interfering with each other with frequencies. I relaly don't know what shows up when that happens but I understand that it is a concern when running two at the same time. If it is happening when moving then Hooch could very well have answered your question.
  4. Cat Mazter

    Cat Mazter Pro Catfisherman

    I would think there would be 2 transducer's, I have a Hummingbird that I got in 2000, it works soooo good, I would not part with it for anything. Im not sure how you have them wired, Im not an electrician either so I may not know what Im talking about, But Ill try.

    Try setting your sensitivity to a Heavier Pattern, if you have it to light it will pick up your Trolling Motor & other Junk you dont need to see on the Depth Finder. I also have mine mounted right at the Bottom of the Back of the Boat, So When Im out in it, It is right under me in the water. I also found out that if I run the Depth Finder on a Seperate Battery I get alot better preformance out of it.

    I hope this may help you in some way or another, Send me a PM & I can try to help you more if needed.
    Cat Mazter
  5. Well, I'll give you another opinion. :D It seems that mine differs from everyone elses. If both are going out simultaneously, it would make me think that they are both working off of the same transducer. It also sounds like they do work part of the time. Based on similar problems I've had in the past, I would guess that it's quite possible that your transducer is bad. That is the only common part between the two units. If you call Humminbird, they will tell you to send it in and they'll fix it for a fee, probably about $80. Or, you can take a chance and just buy a new transducer, maybe around $50. Maybe try sanding the bottom of the transducer with very fine sandpaper to make sure it's smooth. I'd ignore any comment that tells you to throw them away based on the name alone. While Humminbird isn't the best unit out there, the fact that they've lasted 15 years is impressive to me. I've owned two of the better known brands and had trouble with both of them within two years. How about some more information about when they go blank? Is it on plane, in reverse, idling, any time?

    VIPERCOUNTRY911 Portage Lakes

    Both monitors will cut out when either running together or when just running one unit. It appears that both units are wired to the crank battery, not sure if this is a problem or not. I have only used the monitors when either idling, or going very slow (trolling). I get the same effects if I am using the trolling motor or the big motor or no motor at all. I think it may be the transducer. I am going to search for a second transducer tonight when I get off work, so far I have only found one on the bottom back of the transom. I will check the trolling motor again but I did not see one there last time I looked. Here is another bolt to throw in the mix. This boat has an in-dash Humminbird Flasher that does not work at all. Shouldn't there be another transducer for that as well somewhere? I will try and get some pics on Sat. and post them on here. There is a white thing-a-ma-jig mounted on the bottom of the transom on the passenger side. Its kinda long, pointed, and white. Not sure what it actually is. Might just take it to Back Bay Marina on Sat. morning and see if they can tell me more info on the boat. The mechanic over there, "Dan", is extremely helpful and nice. He has already looked at the motor for me once last week when my starter drive went out. Took it to Charles Electric on Grant Street in Akron. They replaced the drive and armateur pinon for $90. Runs like a champ now.
  7. I'm guessing that's the speedo. There's a chance that there's a thru-hull transducer epoxied somewhere in the bottom of the boat. If so, it could be tough to find. Maybe give Ranger a call and see if they can tell you how many transducers came with that boat and the locations. That would be a good starting pont.
  8. UFM82

    UFM82 The one others want to be

    Going blank means you probably have a bad connection that opens when you are going down the lake. That's a simple matter of tracing the wiring and cleaning up the connections. Losing bottom on the other hand is different. Transom mount transducers are notorious for losing bottom at speed and older Humminbirds were quite possibly the worst finders ever made. I agree 100% with Hooch- throw the things away or E-bay them and get an Eagle or a Lowrance. Buy it with a shoot-thru hull transducer and follow the instructions on how to mount the 'ducer and you will eliminate 99% of your problems.

    I had a buddy with a nice little Garmin unit that would go off whenever it felt like it- just all of a sudden "blip" and it was off. It would come right back on when you pushed the button. He put up with it for almost a year until I finally got into his boat one day and decided that I had gotten tired of hearing him beeyatch all the time. I tracked the wiring back to the fuse block and found the fuse barely hanging in the fuse holder. It would break contact every so often but not at any given time. He was ready to take the Garmin off and toss it and buy something else. I fixed it with squeeze from a pair of pliers. So, it may not be the units at fault, especially if BOTH go out at the same time.

    Try the wiring first, then look for your transducers.

  9. I have the eagle 320c and love it. I like the color screen it help to determine fish along the bottom. Can't go wrong with an eagle or lowrance.