Humminbird's New Money Pit

Discussion in 'Tackle Talk' started by papaperch, Dec 27, 2007.

  1. Got the new Bass Pro catalog today. I had heard that Humminbird was coming out with anoyher new side imaging finder. It is in the catalog and its price tag is almost 3000.00. Biggest improvement is the side imaging is now in high definition. The new model is the 1197 c2 .

    I own a side imager the 987c2. But have not spent enough time with it yet. Hoping to get really good with it this upcoming year. These series of fish sinders have some ardent fans. I have found two web sites that are dedicated to this rather new technology.
  2. I have the 797 side imaging and I love it. I didn't think much of it however untill I learned how to set it up. I believe the major thing was to set it to only 75 yards to each side and adjust the gain. There are three bridges and Mogadore I have been looking for for 40 years and within 4 hours of looking with the side imiging, I found then.

  3. On the subject of Humminbird products, do you guys know if there is a tape or DVD made on a tutorial for their products? I bought a 937 last year at a close-out and when I get on the water, I never want to spend the time learning it 'cause I'm too busy fishing! I know Lowrance produces some stuff for their products, but I didn't know about Humminbird.

  4. As far as I know no one has even come out with a book let alone an instructional DVD. Everything I know so far I have learned on my on.
    But I would like to speed up my progress also. The owners manual is very basic and its format could be a lot better.