Human Bodies Exhibit.

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  1. Did anyone go?
    We did. We thought it was pretty cool and interesting. It was also pretty educational.
  2. Lundy

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    My wife and grand daughters saw the exhibit in Boston last year. They said it was very interesting.

  3. Fishman

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    Definitally worth going. I learned alot about the body, and was amazed to see the complexity of it so close up.
  4. shwookie

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    I went in July.
    Overall it was good. Having it right next to Smokey Bones was odd though. Leaving I couldn't tell if I was hungry, or sick.
  5. how much do they charge to get in?
  6. ScottB

    ScottB SW Ohio

    It is pricey, $23 for adults, $15 for kids. For an extra $2.50, you can watch an IMax movie about the Body also. My kids enjoyed that about as much as the exhibits themselves.
  7. Is that the thing where they have the plasticized real human bodies on display ? I thought that was gross when I seen it on tv. They are under ivestigation both here in the US and in europe to find out how they keep obtaining all the young healthy looking bodies, some are suggesting they may be harvesting them.
  8. Your kidding Right !!!!
  9. seethe303

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    really really cool stuff. the human body is such an amazing thing.
  10. Orlando

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    Not harvesting them but in China some were supposeably bodies from executed prisoners without permission. The guy that originally started doing this got the bodies legitamitly. Now it seems others have jumped on the wagon and may have been getting the bodies from questionable sources
  11. Fishaholic69

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    I watched a 60 minutes special or something on that exhibit. seems all the people are dead prisoners from china or something. weird..... they are all healthy looking too. they hunt people to I bet. they prolly watch the buff guy at the gym and grab him when hes on his way home and take him to the lab dunk him in acid to eat his skin off then dunk him in plastisizers and ship him out. I heard on the show that you can even order your own dead guy for at home and have him shipped over. lmfao. no joke either thats what they said.