Hull Cleaning

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  1. Does anyone know of a product to clean the bottom of a fiberglass hull.
    I have used the hull cleaners on the market, but the fumes are enough to kill you. I pressure washed all the rough stuff of but there are still stains and coarse growth left on the surface. I have tried thunder blast, the works toilet bowel cleaner, deck wash, and soft scrub and it doesn't really touch it. If anyone has a magic cleaner i'm all ears.
  2. Is the hull painted with bottom paint?

  3. Slimey Grimey..... best stuff to use on boat hulls. it is available at any advanced auto parts or NAPA.
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    Wonderfoam is the best, a guy named skeeter sells it on Walleyecentral. there is a discussion on it right now in the boat and motors forum. Check it out. everyone on the site rants and raves about it.
  5. Thanks for everyones replies, I ordered the nuhull. This is a great site.
  6. If that doesn't work, I've had good luck using Turtle Wax Chrome Polish. Apply by hand with a rag and just keep rubbing. Make sure you wax it afterwards.

    By the way, this stuff is great at cleaning automotive glass.