huge sting ray at ocean city, maryland

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  1. I was fishing off this pier about 100 ft above the water. Very windy out, bottom fishing with shrimps. Well i got this sting ray hooked real good and started crankin. Getting him out of the water was easy but soon as that wind got to the sting ray he used it to his advantage and started to fly. It was a rough battle but i got him up. kinda felt like flying a real strong kite with a fishing rod.

    :) tossing him back was even better

    Chris :B
  2. Thats cool Chris I caught small ones before but never one with any mass to them...
    ... Take a pic next time !!!

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    That is cool ... Did ya know they are in the shark family ;) DA KING !!!
  4. Sounds like fun! Last year I hooked a cownosed ray that had a wingspan close to 6 ft. Out of my kayak! It towed me around for nearly an hour before I decided to head back to a sand bar, get out and beach it. What a thrill!
  5. I went to St John in the U.S.V.I. for my honeymoon and did a lot of snorkeling down there. Swam right over top of several big sting rays, it was GREAT.
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    We usually hook a bunch of 5-6 foor wingspan stingrays while sharkfishing in northcarolina. They tear line off a Penn 4/0 senator like their on a sunday morning stroll!
  7. We were at Nags Head a couple of years ago and the rays were a regular happening. I had the opportunity for one brute but he evidently was late for a date some south because he did not hang around for long. He ran me out around the front of the pier and once he made the turn and ran my line against the barnacle covered pier pilings then it was game over. They have some major power.
  8. I fought a big stingray to shore last August at Ocean Isle Beach, NC. It drew a huge crowd as I fought it for a 1/2 on a junky $35 oversized spinning combo. Mother's of small children were in a tizzy over the monster swimming in the same drink as their kiddies.....managed a few small sharks and misc. unspecified fish as I casually tossed squid baited 2 hook spreaders with a 1oz pyrmid sinker as far i could cast from shoulder deep water. Always fun to catch anything when I expected nothing.
  9. I too find it amusing when people are shocked by the sight of a shark on the beach. Where do they think these fish live anyway. I think a lot of them would never venture beyond their ankles in the water if they really knew how many sharks were there. Now if I see a large (6 foot plus) shark on the beach then you would have my attention as well.;) We spent a few summers in South Carolina on beach vacations and we would catch the Atlantic Shortnose sharks much like you would catch bluegills as far as regularity. None of them we ever more than 15"-18" so they could not do much harm. My one buddy caught an 3 foot hammerhead once. That was the biggest one we ever got. That one was really cool to see but it really creeped some people out.:p