**Huge Selection Of Rods 4-Sale!**

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    I have a bunch of rods that I will let go. Noting wrong with any of them at all. Just as some know I normally replace the majority of my rods every year. So I will list them below.
    Grandt Rods (Unconditional Lifetime Warranty) original owner does not matter! grandtrods.com for the details and specs.

    All American Series Casting. This retail for $150+ and I will do $110 each TYD Paypal or Money Order you choose the rod or rods.

    7'6" H Telescoping Flipping Stick x 1
    7'H C11 x 1
    7'MH C10 x 2
    7'M C09 x 1
    7' Crank x 1 (More Like a ML action)
    6'6"M x 3
    6'6"ML x 1

    XLH70 Series Casting (High End Series) Retail for $325+

    7'H x 1 (Still in the sealed plastic sleeve) $210 TYD

    John Terry