Huge Saugeye

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  1. I was up at the river today and a buddy up there caught this hog saugeye. 24.5 inches long but we didn't have a scale that worked. It was skinny for being this long though. I figured I would post the picture and let people debate its saugeyism. Unfortunately I can't say that I caught it. It was far darker than any other saugeye I have seen out of the river. He said when he saw it come out of the water and after fighting it for a while he knew it was a flathead. What a nice surprise when he got it in.

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    Nice walleye , saugeyes have blotches down both sides , that looks like a pure walleye strain to me ? No matter what it is , it would look better in hot oil !

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    It's probably a Walleye on the basis of size and no mottling on the sides. That would be a pretty big Saugeye but just a high-average Walleye. With the number that go down the drain at C.J. I imagine that lots of Walleyes are assumed to be Saugeyes just because they're in the GMR. As usual, the dorsal fin is not visible in the pic. Spots on dorsal = Saugeye, No spots = Walleye.

  4. Nice fish!

    is that the WC dam?

    I've never had much luck there, but then again its almost always packed full of people when I go there.