huge pike

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  1. That's been around for a while !

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    ehh no idea im not a pike guy
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    Magnus, I'm not sure your story will hold up on here. . . That fish was 100% caught overseas in Europe (Netherlands to be exact). You've been haggled, unless you know a Dutch angler named Ewout Blom, because that's who caught the fish.

    "If you are a avid fisherman, this photo has probably been appearing in your inbox more times then you can count, being sent by family and friends bragging that it was caught by a friend of a friend in a nearby lake (I’ve heard stories of it being a Manitoba or Ontario fish lately). Fact of the matter is that it wasn’t caught anywhere near you, unless of course you live in the Netherlands. The photo even appeared in ESOX Angler magazine and this only created more rumours."

    Just google "Monster Pike" and search for images. The real story is posted on most of the legit sites.
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    "You studied it. You debated it. You drooled over it. But you never quite believed it, did you? No pike picture in history blazed through the Internet faster or more often than this photo. Most e-mail chains claimed the fish came from Rainy Lake, Ontario, and was caught when it attacked a 36-inch pike that had already been hooked.


    The monster fish, which weighed an amazing 42.9 pounds, was caught in 2004 on a lake in southern Holland by Dutch angler Ewout Blom.

    He was trolling a perch-patterned Rapala Super Shad Rap when he noticed his rod bend slightly. It straightened, then bent completely. He set the hook and battled for five full minutes, including a few tense moments when the giant thrashed at the surface. The pike measured 50 inches (127 centimeters if you're Dutch).

    "The mystery is over," says NAFC Executive Director Steve Pennaz. "You can tell by its coloring and the shape of its fins that it's a European pike."
  7. Magnus-
    I saw those originals too! They came with my "Pet Rock" and a package of "Sea Monkeys"!!!!!!!!!:p:p Jim is right though, this fish has been on Muskie forums all over the country for a LONG time. ALL those threads end with a European point of origin.

    *No harm, No foul Magnus. -Gabe:B
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    Thats been around for at least 5, maybe 6 years! The fish is real, but the guy who caught it is certainly NOT from Akron! That photo also often circulated with another photo of a big pike with a smaller pike sideways in it's mouth. It just amazes me the stories that fly on the net and all the people who have nothing better to do but fabricate them just to stir up contrevoursy. It can be one big tabloid at times and there are people out here buyin' it!

    Heres a link for ya "non-believers" "believers"....
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  9. Sorry guys i've been had. My friend had these pictures at his house from his buddy at work. I was tricked bcuz they were actual pictures not on the computer or a magazine, someone must of photoshopped them and had them made. Please take it easy on me it was unintentional, needless to say i am pissed. Sorry again