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Huge Atwood Eye

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by All Eyes, May 22, 2007.

  1. I was down at Atwood Sunday eve. and a guy told me that someone got a 30+ inch saugeye a few hours earlier. He said it looked 12 pounds. Has anyone heard anything about it? I was down last night and my biggest eye was 17".
  2. My dad and I were down on Sunday and some guy told us the same thing. Haven't heard anything since. The biggest I've caught down there would probably go 23-24 range. 30 is freakin' HUGE! I would love to see a pic if it's true.

  3. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I was there Sunday eve also , but did not see or hear anything about a 30 incher. Not doubting it though . Seen a pair of 26's caught by the same guy two years ago . So i think a 30 is possible . There web page some nice ones posted from last year .

    My sunday eve results were not so good on the eye end . The time spend with my 5yr Daughter made the trip a good one , She caught the most and the biggest at 14 inches. Almost dropped my good pole in the drink while reeling it in .
  4. I'd say you had a great trop Mike.
  5. Cherish that Mike. My daughter is 17 and she will always remember and occasionally remind me of a trip when she was 5 or 6 years old. We were anchored off shore under a shade tree and she kept asking me where her gobber was. I had no idea what she was talking about until she pointed out in the water. Her gobber (bobber) was under and had been for a while. She reeled in a 17" saugeye and it was the only thing caught that day.
    We still call them gobbers.
  6. two years ago i got a fish ohio saugeye off the docks with a floating jig with minnow...28 1/4 in . biggest i ever caught down plenty of lot smaller ones.
  7. That's the current state record saugeye. It weighed just a touch over 14 pounds and was caught in Atriem Lake in Franklin county(a lake never stocked with Saugeye).

    If someone caught a 30+ incher a Atwood they have a new state record! Definitely a possiblity given the size of fish being taken this year a Atwood.
  8. my wife got a 29 1/2 a few years back(when we fished it pretty often) took it to 542 splash took the pic thing ,weighed it ,measured it .....they said they never saw one come from there that big....Her pic might still be on the wall down there?????? if I can find the pic,I'll try to post it
  9. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    I agree it was a good trip

    Your right i will cherish the time spent with my daughter . Have a 13yr daughter old also. So far she's not really interested in fishing this year. She had a taste of Canadian fishing last year so she used to the one cast one fish rule . Atwood stinks to her LOL . Both will be going with me this year . Can't wait !!

    There is a very nice eye mount at the east marina .Caught by a fellow from Louisville . No not me . I'll stop in next trip and get the length . It appeared to be pushing 28 ++
  10. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Is splash 542 now the east marina ????
  11. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Gobber that's one to remember . I wish i could keep both of mine little . They seem to grow up to fast now a days . No time for the simple things in life . Just go go go .
  12. Mike not sure what it is called now.......the one over by the cemertary on 542.......I'm also from me
  13. I still have not heard anything more on this and I guess he could have been telling a fib, but he was an older gentelman who seemed pretty excited about having seen it. He said it looked every bit of 12 pounds and talked like it could be in the running for the record. caught on jig and crawler but did not say where or if he even knew where in the lake it was caught. My biggest Atwood eye so far has been 19" and a few just under.
  14. Back in 91-92 I believe, a 16 year old boy caught a 12+ pounder out of the spillway and the picture was on the wall at 542 Splash for a long time. It had the biggest belly I have ever seen on a saugeye.
  15. I haven't heard anything about the big one, but a friend of mine just told me they're catching tons of fish down there. He said anyone with a boat is coming back to the launch ramp with good numbers of 15-20 inch fish. He said people on shore are getting a few here and there, but if you can fish the deep spots from a boat, you'll kill them. Sounds like I need to get down there!!! :B :B :B
  16. I Was Out At Atwood Lake On The 26th And Caught A Nice 17" Saugeye Followed Up By A 25" Saugeye. Both Were Taken On Crankbaits. We Launched Around 6am And Took Both Fish Around 8am. Also Had A 15.5" Largemouth And Numerous Small Bass And Saugeye. All In All A Decent Day On Atwood. Mk
  17. danw


    first time poster here.

    i have a houseboat out here on atwood and pulled in a 22 incher within the first 5 mins of me being out today with a deep diving crankbait.

    it's a personal best for me, and i can't wait to see some bigger ones.
  18. snake69

    snake69 Equal opportunity fishing

    First off, Welcome DanW! Glad to have ya. Secondly, I envy you, VERY MUCH SO! I've had a pontoon at Atwood and a close friend has a houseboat at Piedmont. That's what I want, a houseboat, dosen't really matter which lake at this point.......! Tell us (or me) how big your houseboat is. Mine would have to be 60+ ft, as there is 7 of us. I've seen the dozen or two houseboats there and would love to own one someday. Have ya had it long, does it meet your needs, did it meet your expectations? I saw either one or two in the paper early this year for sale, and they were at Atwood. Oh yeah, good job on the saugeye. A little better'n I've ever done.
  19. mirrocraft mike

    mirrocraft mike Now in a Alumacraft

    Welcome Dan .
    Glad to hear you got a nice one . I have yet to hit a 20in this year at atwood . ,but its on the way . Nice job . Must have been the boat. LOL Know two other owners last year and both caught 20 plus inchers . Keep the reports coming
  20. danw



    Thanks for the nice welcome.

    Title says the houseboat is a 34 footer, it's probably the smallest one out on Atwood. I've had it about 3 years now. At first i was looking for a cabin in the Sunset Valley area. But after 2 deals fell through i started walking the docks at the west marina and seen it had a for sale sign. Bought it 3 days later and have found it to be alot of fun (and work) As far as my needs go, it's just me and my girlfriend, so theres plenty of room. She loves staying out on the boat, and now she looks forward to going out to the lake and either fish, or go out to boater's beach and swim.