hueston woods report labor day weekend

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  1. we was shore fishing and didn't have much luck. fished at that creek near the campground. and fished the marina area. did the paintball thing, walked some trails, rode the moutain bike trails, went to the beach. grilled out. i am not sure but saturday night i think i drank myself stupid. well the fun starts now, unpacking everything,cleaning everything and putting all away. FUN!! my brother came with us. he lives in downtown cincy and said the funniest thing" i can't sleep because its to quiet" guess he needs police sirens and loud car stereo's to fall asleep.
  2. Hi.
    Man I can understand that one. After 10+ years in Las Vegas, I couldn't
    get the correct level of outside noise - just to sleep at night.
    Here people will start a conversation - over just about anything, just to pass the time, and to be cordial. The part of Vegas I was in, if they spoke to you
    - they wanted your money, so you learned to shut people out, look straight
    ahead, and not talk. So after I came back to Ohio, I had also work letting my gaurd down, and talking to people again!


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    Nightprowler Crappie Hunter

    I found the crappie nursery. A bunch of 8" fish. Ended with 12 keepers and 2 cats, 1.5lb each (all released). Anybody try shooting the docks for crappie? My next trip is gonna be dedicated to trying those toons and sailboats.