hubbard lake

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    anyone got any ice reports on hubbard lake
  2. where is hubbard lake, any directions

  3. Are you asking about Coalburg Lake in Hubbard Twp? It is all private but is a good bass and Panfish Lake if one of the lakeside residents lets you fish from their property.
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    I think he is talking about Hubbard Valley lake near rt.3 by Seville.
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    There was and maybe still is a lake in Hubbard Ohio called contruction lake to be side the goldberge lake. That when they used mud to build the exspress way they left a big hole that filled with had bass.lots them last I was there.not biggest fish as there was nothing for them to eat thus they never got big.Down near the Rail way tracks.there also is a glenn echo lake to but it is private and in winter they open it and theres no fish in it till they stock it if they stock it at all.
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    Probably talking about the old water shed lake in hubbard! There where 4 or 5 likes that where pay lakes. Think they had Girard,Hubbard ,Pinelake and Evans where the 4 I remember! But I believe they are all closed or private now. Girard is drained. Oh yea there was a Hamilton!
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    The 4 lakes had nothing to do with Hubbard.2 in Girard. one in struthers and other in poland. all 4 are now out service. the Liberty ( lower lake ) is a mess was to have damn torn down or replaced.the upper ( Girard ) is ok.hamilton is not open due to cost more to keep open then permits got back in fees.the other ( pine lake) I thought was sold to the ones that live around it and cost a lot to get permit to fish even though they live on the lake. best I know on that one.
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    I forgot the Mckelvy lake on east side is not open to fishing but man I see lots fishing in it and they get lot can fish off Mcguffy and Jacobs road.I fish there off and on.This lake by the way was NEVER open to fishing as it was the breading lake that stocked the other they say.thats what Ohio Water that owned them is Consomer Water Service last i knew.they As changed there name.
  9. Lewis is right. Hubbard Valley Lake in Medina County..
  10. I haven't ventured over there yet this year...location is of Route 3, right near I-71...part of Medina County Parks...rangers do frequent the parks and check for stopped twice in the same day by different officers.