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Hubbard Lake MI trip Results

Discussion in 'Hard Water Discussions' started by Lundy, Feb 9, 2005.

  1. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member

    I ended up as planned fishing Hubbard lake for a few days last week.

    I started out by fishing in Saginaw Bay on Wednesday. A very nice local guy from a MI website lead me out and showed me the in and outs of the bay and crossing the cracks and where. We only caught a couple of walleye, both small, but saw a few on the camera and had a friend close by that caught a 10.7 lb eye. We fished approx 5 miles out. The bay is worth fishing anytime there is safe ice. I will be going back this winter for sure.

    Went to Hubbard on Thursday and met up with GEOWL and his friend. I didn't do a lot of fishing on Thursday due to my auger throttle linkage breaking. I also lost all of Friday morning trying to get it repaired.

    Finally started fishing Friday afternoon with poor results. The results stayed the same through Sunday with very few walleye located or caught by anyone. The lake was great, 16+" of ice, and nice weather. I put a couple of pics of the bay and Hubbard in my pic gallery.

    I cut my trip short and called Steelhauler and told him not to waste his time coming up. I fished The Bay for 3 hrs Monday morning on my back to Ohio. My son saw one walleye on the camera that he couldn't get to go and a catfish, sucker, smelt and I don't remember what else. I didn't feel comfortable fishing 5 miles out in the bay, across one major pressure crack, with the rain pouring down so we left a little early.

    All in all a very fun trip other than the lack of fish, :eek: and my maiden trip with my Ranger worked great on the ice, what a great vehicle.

    I will be going either to Saginaw Bay or to Erie, (ice depending) in a couple of weeks to try again.
  2. We also didn't have a very successful trip to Hubbard, was amazed how thick the ice was. We caught 4 perch and what I thought was a sucker fish, 5 pounder, well I wasn't gonna keep that ugly thing so we put it back down the hole, we told the guy at the corner store there about it and he started laughing and said we thru away a real nice whitefish. Oh well !! The next day we went to the flood waters and caught 6 bluegill. The people up there were really friendly, Hubbard motor lodge is a real friendly place to stay.

  3. Should have gone to erie. beutifull weather and the fish were biting.
  4. It was a great weekend to be out
    Fishing could have been better seen several fish on the camera lost a couple of eyes and a couple of perch :confused: rookie mistakes fishing with the camera
    People at Hubbard Lake Motor Lodge are great recommend them highly
    Smokeys is a fine establishment Saturday night after all the OGF guys and Michigan guys left there were some guys walked in with a slap top bass and a couple of guitars and proceded to playin some bluegrass never expected to hear bluegrass that far north sure made the adult bevs go down a lot faster
    good country, good people and learned a few things
    life was good
    I'll be back next year
  5. Lundy, heading back up this weekend to erie. Interested?
  6. Lundy

    Lundy Staff Member


    PM sent.. Call me
  7. Kim,

    Glad to hear you guys had a good time despite the lack of fish. Thanks again for the head's up. That would have been a long drive for no fish. Let me know if you need a partner for any future trips. Simcoe????

  8. Hey Lundy was the Shiver on the River ice tourney going on in Saginaw? I fished it a few years ago and we fished on the river at Bay City, didnt do any good but every year there are some huge eyes pulled through the ice up there in the river. I think the year I fished in the tourney it took a 13 pounder to win it!