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  1. Was wondering if any of you guys have ordered any of there ice fishing equipment from Fish ? I just ordered there HT Enterprise Polar Dream Ice Fishing Kit and will hopefully be getting a decent deal out of it. Thanks Guys.........................Rich
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    I have several HT items and have found all of them were well worth the price. My ice rods cases, ice hut chair, and several ice combo's. I would easily order from HT again. You'll be happy I'm sure.

  3. Thanks Dale, only reason I asked was they didn't have replaceable blades for the auger on FishUSA so I emailed them and they don't carry them but they were going to see if they can get them from there supplier. Hate to spend the money on something and not get parts for it.......................Rich
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    I had an HT auger for 2 years and if I remember right the blades looked like most the other ones did on different makes. I gave mine to my brother and we sharpened the blades and they worked like new. Not sure how many tines we can do that but it worked great the first time.
  5. I have 2 HT Ice Blue Ultra-lite rods and have been happy with them.

    Overall, I'd say their quality is darn good for their prices. Granted, they're not in the league as Berkley Ice Rods or St Croix, but very servicable rods.

    I'd compare HT as the Coleman of the Ice Fishing Gear & Equipment
  6. Well to answer my own question , you use the Mora blades on the HT Enterprises augers. After looking at a different online ice fishing store I found out that you just use the Mora blades. Thanks again guys....Rich
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    I've been buying from FishUSA for 3-4 yrs now. Have bought numerous HT Ent. products also. Can't recall having a problem with either company nor any of the products that I purchased.... I just picked up a new set of blades also from Gander Mtn, hoping the ice arrives any day now!!
  8. Thats where I answered my own question was from that web site.LOL.....Rich