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  1. Hi all, does anyone know if the 2008 Hoyt Avenger has the hole in the rear of the riser for the string supressor? I just feel into a little extra cash and was looking at getting my first compound bow.

    So far I have shot:
    1. Bowtech Tomkat - Really liked the bow. I had just heard several buddys of mine complain about their customer service.

    2. Parker Trailblazer - Didn't care for it as much. Shot the package deal and thought there was just a little too much vibration for my taste.

    3. PSE Stinger - Didn't care for it for the same reasons as the Trailblazer.

    4. Bear Lights Out - Liked it a lot. Felt crisp and little if any vibration. The only dislike was the grip was cheap.

    5. Hoyt Superhawk - Liked it, but when I started to add everything to it, it was a liitle bit more than what i was wanting to spend.

    6. Hoyt Avenger - Really liked it and liked the package price tag.

    Of all the bows that I shot, the Bear was the only one which had a string supressor on it and I think that it makes all the difference in the world. I have quite a few friends that shoot Hoyts and they all talk a big game about them. I really did like the feel of them the best. It felt like they had the best/smoothest draw on them.

    Anyway, does anyone know if the Avenger is "pre-drilled" for the string supressor?
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    not sure if the avenger has the rear hole or not, but i know hoyt does sell side mounted sts's that would work with it im sure. It mounts on the side of the riser.

  3. I have that same bow its awsome. I shot with it all summer,I wont go with any other brand. I kid you not,"if I put a tennis ball on the target" I cold put 3 arrows in it from 30 yards. The grupping is awsome the bow is smooth. I bought mine at fin in ashland.Good people there.
  4. Hoyt makes an aftermarker string suppressor go to fuse archery and they have a pick of it on there. It goes on behind the stabilzer. I have been shooting hoyt now for 12 years and will never shoot nothing else but hoyt. There is a shop in Gallipolis. Called Richies and he has some real good deals on hoyt's even sells some used ones. He has what you are looking for there. I saw it there Thursday. Hope this helps. Good Luck on finding a bow (Hoyt)
  5. I use the STS on my Trykon. It screws in behind my stabilizer on the front. Works great!
  6. Went to Portage Archery yesterday and Tim hooked me up with a good setup on a 2009 Hoyt PowerHawk. They had a good deal on the Kateras. If you bought one, you got $100 in free accessories. I opted to spend a couple hundred less.

    This is my first compound bow and for what little time I have had to shoot it, I love it. Ended up putting one of the STS string stabilizers on it. Makes a heck of a difference on any bow.

    So far from what I have experienced I would definitely do business with Portage Archery again. I didn't have time to sight it in on their range yesterday but he told me to come back when I could and they would help get get it sighted in.