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How's the Rocky Looking?

Discussion in 'Northeast Ohio Fishing Reports' started by archman, Nov 1, 2004.

  1. Will it be fishable by tomorrow?
  2. just got a call from a friend after he landed his first of the year...said it's a little cloudy, but fishable. we're supposed to get rain tonight and tomorrow, so I'd get there today or forget about it until the weekend....should be a great novemeber if we don't get rain evry couple of days

  3. Went down for a few hours this afternoon and it was still a bit low and a little off color with a decent flow, but not great. I was surprised to see how low it still is.
  4. man, we were all praying for rain and look what it got us!! more in the forecast for Thursday and Sunday, so it may be a good while before any of the rivers are fishable again. bummer!! a friend killed 'em at the rock yesterday on Minnows, and I was really hoping to get out later this week to do the same.
  5. the river has cleared up a lot and it is definitely fishable. a lot of guys are hooking them and things are looking good. the depth is still a little low but not too bad and the temp is just about right for some decent fish. the water is still a bit muddy, but fish are there. fish the deeper pools and rips from the marina to the nature center. i'd be pretty careful if you wading anywhere due to the fact the water is still cloudy. i have been sick this weekend, but i can see rockcliff from my backyard and there are a few guys down there fishing. i will be around this week scouting out spots for the first leg of the ocbs tournament on the 21st. is anyone else here on ogf fishing the tourney?