hows the kokosing?

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  1. me and the wife are headed down that way to go camping and fishing just wondered how the fishing has been there we are going down this weekend hope the rain misses us,we are going camping at mohawk dam. are there any catfish in the walahonding and if so is it any good there at the spillway of mohawk dam thanks in advance for any info:) :G
  2. I believe the Kokosing is in pretty good shape right now. It got pretty muddy over the weekend and rose a bit but I believe the level is pretty normal with good color. At Mohawk Dam you also have the Mohican River flow to consider. I have no idea what it is doing. I believe the forecast is pretty clear for the next few days so I would suspect that you will be fine.

    As far as cats at the dam, yes there are some. I wouldn't call it a great spot but there are certainly fish there. There are both channels and flatties. It gets fished rather hard in that stretch so I think that probably does a lot to keep the numbers in check. I have been thinking of making another trip down there sometime this summer as well.

    Good luck on the fishing and let us know how you do.

  3. The Kokosing is in good shape right now. I think if you head down river on the Walhonding, you might have a better chance at cats. The 6 mile dam area has always been better to me than the Mohawk. I think there is a campground right at 6 mile dam.
  4. i believe the campground that is at that falls is Whispering Falls. We have camped there in the past during bow season. Someone had told me that they will charge folks to come back to there and fish or put in/out with boats. I cannot personally say whether that is true but I thought I would mention it in case someone were planning to go there. That campgrounds is on the south side off 36 just about 3-4 miles east of Warsaw.
  5. me and the wife had a great time didnt get any cats but did do good with the smallmouths we also did a little panning for gold and we found 8 flakes :) cant wait to get back down there again has anyone else panned for gold down there and if so how did you do?