How's the fishing at Piedmont?

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  1. I was wondering how the sauger/saugeye fishing has been at Piedmont lately.
    We were thinking about running up there in the near future, but with it being a 1 1/2 to 2 hour trip the more information the better. Any reports would be greatly appreciated. Also, if they're biting, what are they biting on?

  2. Jig and minnow and Vibes work very well at Piedmont this time of the year down in front of the dam on the road bed.

  3. Chris,
    You better check before you make a long trip there cus I don't think you can get a boat launched now. If the water is down to winter level, and I good friend of mine that fishes this lake said they have been letting water down, it could be a waisted trip.
  4. hey guys peidmont as of this past sunday( 11-18-17) was full pool. the saugeye bite is really good down toward edgewater. the water was 47 down there. they were hitting susp. jerkbaits, and vibees. look for banks that are 5-8ft deep flats w/shad and they are there. my buddy and i got our limits down there. the clearer the water the fewer bites we got, but the water was warmer by 4 degrees. hope that helps
  5. Chris - Sr.Jigger was right. they started to let water out Nov-15 and right now its down about 2 foot. I talked to the guys in the office at the dam today. they said in about a week the water at the marine will be down to low to put in a boat. They say its dropping about 1" to 2" a day. You better get over there soon if your going ;)
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    Was at the gatehouse yesterday and the water level was 30 ft, summer pool is 31
  7. ? gosh, there must be 2 Piedmont lakes.
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    For the most accurate info go to the army corp of engineers site and check the current lake and basin conditions. I was just on there and Peidmont is down about 1.25 ft from summer pool.