How's the fishing above the Griggs Dam?

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  1. One of my buddies lives over on the Scioto a couple miles before the griggs dam. We've been out on the boat a few times now with little luck. Tonight we went out with about 5 other friends using minnows, worms, and chicken liver. Tried a few spots and were out for about 4 hours and only caught about 3 small embarassing fish. Could it really be they just werent biting or were we doing something wrong/in the wrong areas? I know Griggs is supposed to be a good spot, but is that mainly below the dam only?
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    I think your luck might have something to do with how low the water levels have been at griggs for the past month or so. I did alot better there earlier in the summer. Recently the bite has been real slow. Did catch a decent channel saturday night N of Fishinger rd bridge. I'll give you a hint on where to find em :The cats i've caught recently at Griggs have been along dropoffs into deeper water not too far from shore. A little more rain this week and i'm sure the bite will pick up.
    Below the dam is typically more productive than above it for big game. If you like catching crappies there are always plenty to be had under cover in the reservoir suspended about halfway down in 5-10 feet of water.

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    Basically the entire Scioto (both above and below the Dams) is a b#&%^ to fish: Either you know the river or you don't.

    Water level has something to do with the bite, as well as temperature, as well as clarity, as well as day length, as well as...(you get the point)

    Get the right mix of "ingredients" and you'll have one spicy meatball;)

    The wrong mix often tastes like a handfull of sweet tarts...
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    The dog days on Griggs are tough. Especially with the bait you are using. My guess is that you were fishing the minnows too shallow. LMB and Crappie tend to stay deeper in Griggs during this time of year..i've found. As far as catfish go, I have never been able to pattern them in the lake, but in the river it is much easier. A depthfinder is your best tool.
  5. if you know the right trolling patterns Griggs this time of year can be pretty good for saugeye. Owner of the company I work for lives between the two bridges on Griggs Res (fishinger/hayden). He says hes usually the only boat trolling throwing cranks for eyes. Other than that, he stops fishing for bass after July 4th, and doesnt resume fishing for them till fall
  6. I'm all for trolling, it sounds like a good time. However, it would be the first time I have ever done it and I really don't know how. Also, his boat is a wakeboarding boat so I don't know if that would pose a problem or not? Any tips aside from searching the forum?
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