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    A buddy called and would like to fish Alum Sunday morning. He talked about us putting in at Howard Road, I know a few weeks ago some one had said that Howard was not a safe placed to leave your trailer, is that the case....I would hate to finish fishing then come back and something had happen to my trailer......
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    I would put in else where ie New Galena, there have been theft issues @ Howard Rd launch, also when it's windy it can be difficult coming back into the launch, I'm sure I'm not the only one who has hit/run up on that concrete barrier they call a dock, lol..... Good Luck and Good Fishing this weekend!

  3. I believe that there were reports of theft at a couple different spots at Alum, Im guessing here but I want to say that the other was around the campgrounds.
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    yeah they tried to steal my tires off my trailer at the ramp.
  5. Where is the New Galena boat ramp @? I was told it was off of Africa Road south of the little bait store, but I couldn't find it so I used the State park ramp, which was packed when I went to leave.:)
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    you were told right.maybe you pulled a misfit and were daydreaming when you passed it:D ;)
  7. OK, I'll bite misfit. Give me a road name or something along the road to look for. I looked along the shore line from my boat going north, and never did see a ramp like I was told.
  8. New Galena and State Park are the same launch. My daughter drove by it Saturday morning, she called to tell me the sign says State Park launch. We know what were talking about????
  9. :) Leadoffman,
    There is no dought in my mind that all of you from that area know exactly what you are talking about. I just couldn't find what I was looking for, but hey I guess I did after all. Thanks!;)
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    All of the public launches say State Park Ramp. It does say "New Galena" ramp.
    It's just a smaller type than STATE PARK RAMP. -Hooch-
  11. There is one just north of the bait shop also, Cheshire Ramp. North of Cheshire Rd.