How True

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  1. I have a perpetual Wit & Wisom of fishing calendar on my desk at work and todays was such a truth that I thought I would share.....

    Those who fish for steelhead consider it challenging and exciting. However, most will also point out at times it can be mystifying, demoralizing, and downright frustrating. Ask any knowledgeable, experienced steelheader who has worked a run diligently--yet fruitlessly--and then watched an obvious neophyte blunder along behind and immediately hook a fish. It happens, but that's steelheading....

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  2. so true....everyone loves it when they are catching.

    its sticking w/ it during the tough times during 15 degree blizzards, bustin out ice from holes, freezing the keester off, and then sitting down to 4 hours of 'was that a hit ?...noooooooooo'....heeheehaheha

    thats what makes us steelheaders ....