How to ship fish fillets?

Discussion in 'The Lounge' started by Fishpro, Apr 24, 2008.

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    I have a buddy that lives in Oklahoma, and he wants some walleye. How would I go about packaging it for the trip, and who could I send it through?:confused:
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    You'll need to pack them to be vaccumed sealed and packed in dry ice and insulated if you want them to arrive fresh. Choose a one day delivery method and they'll should be fine.

  3. paul,
    i'd call a local "shipper" that handles fedex/ups packages and ask them how best to package. like other mentioned, dry ice come to mind..probably wont be cheap though.
  4. check with your shipping service before using dry ice. They may have special requirments and may only allow it to be used for groung shipments. You can do an overnight/next day service in a regular cooler with "wet ice". We do lab samples this way all the time with no problems.
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    I drove from Washington State to Ohio with frozen salmon in a 5 day coleman cooler packed in dry ice. On day three the ice was all but gone and the fish still frozen. The dry ice was expensive. I think I paid close to $1 a pound.
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  7. Don't ship on a Fri. though and think it'll be there Sat. without paying Sat. delivery. Most shipping companies require extra for Sat. Delivery.