how to reset computer on a honda

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  1. honda crv 2003 ,my 50k service light came on ,QUESTION how do you so the light go;s out . I did the req maint . ain;t much .check this/that change oil/filter . my book does not tell you how to resetthe light. thanks jim
  2. I think the dealer has to do it .a friend had a older Dodge and a dealer had to do it he did not charge him several people tried to do it but failed

  3. Try disconnecting the battery then shorting the cables (not the battery). Works for me on Dodge Van.
  4. If that dont the dealer has too enless theres a hard fault.
  5. i will talk to the boss this evening its her late night but she will have the answer she is a Honda Service Writer and if she dont have the answer this eve she will tomorrow from one of her techs. I know shes going to ask is it the check engine lite or the service lite. shes very thorough and one of the top service writers for honda.
  6. Here it is get in your crv make sure nothing is turned on push the odometer button in and hold it in then with your right hand turn your keys to where the dash lights come on in about 30 seconds the service lite should go off if that dont work ill give ya her work number
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    I did a search for my model honda and found some really good forums. Check out <- I think that's it anyway.

    You could take it to a local Autozone and they will clear it for you.
  8. She stated that crossing the battery cabels in that yr will reset something in the radio and cd player can put that away for further reference
  9. HONDA RESET FIXED!!!!!!!! thanks guys .some day maybe I can help you. holding in the tripometer and turning on the key did it. thanks.jim
  10. That's also in the owner's manual. Look under the maintenance section .... many of the Honda's use the same technique , but the manual can be a little hard to follow.
  11. Thats exactly how its done, I do it all the time on my RSX!!